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Hosting with free SSL certificates

In April 2016, the official launch of the project Let’s Encrypt , providing free SSL certificates , took place so that everyone could transfer their websites to secure encrypted connections ( HTTPS ). The office of the service is located in San Francisco, and the sponsors are such well-known companies like Mozilla, Chrome, Facebook, Cisco and others.

Differences of Let’s Encrypt from paid SSL certificates

Unlike commercial certificate authorities (Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, etc.), Let’s Encrypt does not require:

  • payment;
  • reconfiguration of the web server;
  • buying a dedicated IP address;
  • processing expired certificates.

Pluses for sites that work through https

SSL-certificate allows you to ensure the security of payments in online stores, to protect the personal data of users of sites, and also takes into account the search engine Google , having a positive impact on the ranking in search results. In Yandex , at least for now, websites using HTTP and HTTPS protocols participate in search on equal terms.

Sites without SSL in Chrome and Firefox browsers

Since January 2017, Chrome browsers (versions 56 and newer) and Firefox (starting from version 51) have marked “Unprotected” / “Unprotected connection” and marked with a “red triangle” / “crossed-out lock” websites that operate without the HTTPS protocol and transmit personal data (passwords, bank card numbers, etc.). At the same time, users are warned that “the data entered on the page may be compromised.” But now, thanks to the Let’s Encrypt project, anyone can get an SSL certificate for their site completely free of charge.

Self-installation of the SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt

Installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your own is quite a difficult task, as it requires:

  • SSH access to an account that not all hosters provide;
  • setting up the Certbot script, with which not everyone can figure out the forces;
  • manual renewal of the certificate every few months.

Therefore, the easiest option would be to use a hosting service that connects the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates automatically.

Comparison of hosting with free SSL-certificates

In the table below, we have compiled a list of large and reliable hosting providers that implemented the free issuance of SSL certificates in just a few clicks right in the control panel. Most of them have a certificate for any number of sites on the account, plus it will be automatically renewed.

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