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Hosting with free SSL certificates

In April 2016, the official launch of the project Let’s Encrypt , providing free SSL certificates , took place so that everyone could transfer their websites to secure encrypted connections ( HTTPS ). The office of the service is located in San Francisco, and the sponsors are such well-known companies like Mozilla, Chrome, Facebook, Cisco and others. Differences of Let’s Encrypt from […]

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Hosting sites on 1C Bitrix

1C-Bitrix  is the most popular commercial website management system in Russia, which has been leading its history since 1998. The latest at the moment version 15.0 was launched in October 2014. Today, 1C-Bitrix is ​​ranked 1st in the rating of paid management systems CMS Magazine, Runet Rating, iTrack, Tagline, far ahead of its competitors (UMI.CMS, NetCat, CS-Cart and […]

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Abuse Sustainable Hosting

BulletProof Hosting (bulletproof hosting service) – is hosting, on which you can place virtually any material, and not to worry, that the hosting company will remove them at the first complaint (abuzy) and without warning. As “any materials” usually are doorways, pharma, spam, adult (porn), warez (illegal software, movies, mp3, etc.). Bulletproof servers are located in countries where such […]

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How to work with files on the server directly from a web browser

As a rule, users of virtual hosting use control panels or specialized programs – FTP-clients for working with files of their sites (download, delete, edit and other operations) control panels or specialized programs. Among the former, cPanel , ISPmanager, and Plesk products are most common , and FileZilla , CuteFTP , SmartFTP, and others are second . But what if you have a virtual or dedicated server, but you don’t want […]

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How is shared hosting different from a virtual VPS server?

First we give the definitions of virtual hosting and virtual server (VPS). Virtual hosting implies the provision of disk space for hosting your website files on a hosting company that is constantly connected to the Web. The advantages of virtual hosting are low cost and the fact that the webmaster does not have to worry about maintaining […]